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Sunday, September 15, 2013Y
Final Days in Paris and a my first night in Nice

Hi everyone!

It's been a couple days but because my trip in Paris was winding down I really didn't have too much going on to talk about!

Since I last wrote,  I haven't been up to too much. Katelyn and I had made plans for Friday but sadly she felt sick and couldn't make it. I was really happy to meet her and hang out with her and I hope I'll be able to see her again when I'm back in Paris! So on Friday I decided to go to Uniqlo. For those of you who have never experienced a Uniqlo, it's a Japanese chain store that sells affordable, well made basics. I got two sweaters and a pair of pants for 70 Euro. That's nothing considering what most of the shopping is like in Paris. This blue cardigan is really comfortable!

And it's cute too!

So after that I literally just wandered around for about 4 hours. I took the metro to St. Michel and got a yummy sandwich

The ham inside is cured, like prosciutto. So tasty!

I was also craving a sweet snack, so I stopped at the supermarket and bought only a box of these.

I've since eaten 4 out of the 10 packages. They are so yummy, like Little Debbie Swiss Rolls except 1219382398948 times better, but similar idea. 

That night, my host was throwing a party to celebrate her birthday. She invited me too, and she's really cool and unique and bohemian so we made headbands out of flowers.

At first I felt awkward because I was at a party with like 30 French people, but I started to feel more relaxed and social as it went on and ended up having an amazing time talking to all of these really cool people! I've never spoken more French in my life. I think people were more eager to talk to me once they found out I spoke French, but they were all really cool and free spirited! They invited me out to a club after but at 2 am I was exhausted.

The next day I met up with a friend and we went to H&M and Citadium together. Citadium is a really crazy department store with multiple floors. I got a cool raincoat there that's like pink, blue, and purple. (It's super 80s!) In the store they had a display of American popular foods. I wish I had taken a picture it was almost like a museum. They had jars of Marshmallow fluff, poptarts, bisquick shake n' pour, lucky charms (10 euros a box I might add) It was so funny! After that I met with my friend Siobhan who's been living in Paris for three years. We had a couple drinks in her apartment and took time to catch up (it had been a long time, after all!) She took me on a walk through the neighborhood.

The next morning I woke up at 9 o clock, packed my things and left at about 11 o clock. I've decided tomorrow that I'm ditching this suitcase in favor of a less cumbersome, more functional duffel bag or something.

My shoulders are so so sore from lugging that thing, and carrying a heavy back pack as well! Not to mention I got trapped in the turnstyle at the métro. I went to go put my ticket in. Let's just say I went through and my suitcase did not. I went to pull it through and the turnstyle wouldnt budge, so I went back to lift it up over to find that the gate had locked me in. So there I was, snuggled up between the turnstyle and the door. I asked someone for help and they slid their pass through and then we both got stuck in the turnstyle. Eventually it unlocked and we were able to get through, but I arrived at the station sweaty and about to pass out. The train ride itself was easy enough but was a six hour ride.

I got here and my friend Emily met me at the station. We went out for Indian food and it was actually kind of expensive, but tasty nonetheless.

I can already tell I'm going to really like Nice. The air is so fresh and clean, and the Mediterranean Sea is RIGHT THERE. It's so beautiful. I want to write more but my arms are going to fall off.

Night everybody!

heart blue w/ glitter 4:40 PM

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