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Wednesday, October 16, 2013Y
Last Days in London

Hi everybody!

So last time I wrote, I was too exhausted to finish the post I was writing, so I decided to split it up. I'm in Scotland now!! I got here last night at about 10 pm (I'll tell you more about that later.) I left off my last entry with the Harry Potter Studio. The next day I went to the London Aquarium and rode on the London Eye, which is the giant ferris wheel by the river.

Okay, you guys should know this about me, but....


It was so hard to take pictures in here though because a) all of the tanks were spherical and b) it was too damn dark in there. I got a picture of some jellyfish and I found Squidward's house!! Didn't realize Bikini Bottom was in London....

I got to feed rays and I saw the most terrifying starfish in the world. These were literally as big as boulders. I'm so glad they didn't start moving because I probably would have shrieked.

I'm getting nervous looking at them now to be honest....

So after that I rode the London Eye. It was fun but as far as city skylines go London's isn't very dramatic. I did get to see some good views of Parliament though! I also have another awkward photo of me taken by a random stranger. Truthfully I didn't take a bunch of pictures of these areas because I came here with my family a couple of years ago and have tons of photos from that trip. Actually, coming to these places again without them made me really really miss them. It might be partially why London wasn't as fun the second time around.  Back then everything here was new to me as well.

I'm so glad I made an appointment to get my hair done tomorrow...

After that I went to Oxford Circus and got some clothes at H&M. That night I went to see a musical, but before that I went to a restaurant and had bangers and mash! 

The musical I went to see was Billy Elliot, it's about a son of a miner on strike who really loves to dance. I know what you're thinking...sounds flamboyant....well, it is. The dancing and singing was so good though! My only complaint was that sometimes the boy playing Billy Elliot (he's supposed to be like 12 years old) would have like shrieking tantrums. I know it's a play and things are supposed to be overdramatized but that was a little much. The play was extremely entertraining throughout, and I was seriously blown away by how well this boy could dance. He also had guns bigger than both my arms put together, that was a little bizarre. Because I bought the cheapest ticket, I was in the last seat to the left of the last row in the balcony, which actually was fine view-wise, but it was so cold up there I had to put on gloves. The woman told me I could move down, so I did. I just wish she had told me that before the middle of the second act. 

After that I went back to the hostel, put on my pajamas and ate some food.  The next day I went on a day trip to Bath with the two Mitchs I met at the hostel. We stopped at a rest stop on the way and go Starbucks (which is really out of character for me but I woke up at 6 and needed the caffeine.) Look at how they spelled my name on the cup....I don't even know.

Anyway, as its name implies, Bath is famous for Roman Baths....

We went into the Baths and there was an exhibit about Roman life in Bath there as well,

The sky was so blue...the church in the background is Bath Abbey, we went in there after the Baths.

Also there was a guy feeding pigeons, and he gave me some food to feed them. This was so exciting and don't worry, I sanitized after!

After that we got some sausages to eat from a cart nearby. Mitch ate three...I wasn't satisfied after one but I didn't want to eat another, so I got a meat pie from a deli. I still wasn't satisfied after that and bought a Nutella Milkshake...definitely was a calorie blowout kind of day. We had about 3 hours in Bath, and I think that was almost too much time. It had started to rain too about halfway through. 

After that the bus took us to Stonehenge, not much to say about it other than that they're really big rocks arranged in a way that was important many years ago. I thought it was still pretty freaking cool, but all I could think about was the thought process they must have went through to decide what rocks to push from where. I could pretty much picture a scenario like this....

Also again, because there was a long line in the bathroom (when is there not to be honest) I was separated from my Mitchs (heh, rhymes with bitches) and was forced to ask people who are not so experienced at taking photos to take my photo.

"A little to the right," would have been a helpful cue I think. My right I mean.

That night I don't really want to talk about because it involved me getting very drunk very quickly at the hostel bar so let's just move past it and pretend it didn't happen okay? Okay.

I woke up at 5 am after 2 hours of sleep. Don't ask me why I woke up so early, but I felt pretty crappy all day. One thing that is great for a hangover though is a nice big English breakfast. There was black and white pudding, which tasted very...metallic....

 It's safe to say I ate everything on this plate.

Mitch and I went to Hyde Park, which I wish we had stayed in longer. It's an amazing park, and I wouldn't have minded taking a nap in there. Near the park there's all of these really expensive car dealerships, and Mitch, being the boy that he is, wanted to find them. We saw so many expensive cars owned by Arab Princes parked in hotel lots, I was starting to feel pretty inferior by the end of that...

We went to Harrod's and saw some ridiculously expensive knives, and then headed back to the hostel. I did some laundry and we ended up falling asleep in the TV room....eventful night....except not.

The next day we went to Oxford Circus again so Mitch could look for a jacket. Being Australian usually means not having a need for warm clothing.. We stopped at a fish restaurant and I had fish and chips...only they were fries not chips. The woman was apologizing because they only had fries, and I was sitting there pondering the difference between the two. Turns out fries are thinner. 

Also I found onigiri!!!!

So I bought some new shoes and a sweater at Bershka which was probably too expensive but I really liked it.  We also went to see Parliament and Westminster Abbey but you couldn't go inside. 

That night we tried to go to a club, but we left way too early and ended up in a bar that was completely dead. The guy there was really cool and we talked for an hour. A drunk guy wandered in because he couldn't find his hotel. He started talking about how his friend shat himself one time at the club we were going to. We paid to go in at 11 and had a few drinks, but all in all it was really lame and the DJ wasn't good, so we went back and fell asleep in the TV room again.  My last day in London I went to the Tower of London and did the Yeoman walking tour and saw the crown jewels. It was really cold so I had my scarf wrapped all the way around my head. Yes it looks like I have a bowl cut. 

After that I went to a pub that I went to with my family, called Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. It's so cool in there and the food is inexpensive and tasty. I had fish and chips and a beer.  

That night Mitch and I went out for burritos. That night I started to feel really sick and dizzy, so I went to bed pretty soon after that. The next morning I left the hostel and on the way stopped to eat this monster burger. I maybe made it 80% of the way through. There's curly fries, chips, and potato wedges...a veritable plethora of spuds if I do say so myself.  Also all of this food was really inexpensive. 

So I made it to the airport almost 4 hours early. I got some starbucks and chilled with my korean textbook. It got closer and closer to the time of my flight, and still bag drop and check-in hadn't been announced. Turns out EasyJet's entire system crashed with no backup, so they had to do bag drop, check-in, and boarding completely manually, which delayed the flight over two hours. I wasn't that mad, it wasn't anyone's fault anyway, but going through security I set the alarm off and had to be thoroughly searched, which I don't even understand why... I had leggings and a shirt on...literally zero metal on my body. The flight itself was only an hour and I slept through most of it. Once I got off the plane, however, that sick feeling I had before returned and I felt like I was going to throw up. I had to sit down in the baggage claim because I felt so weak, but once I got on the bus it disappeared for the most part.  The hostel totally lied when they said you could take the bus to a stop two minutes away, so I ended up walking 15 minutes. I took a shower and went to bed pretty soon after. I want to talk about Scotland but I don't want to overwhelm you with too much and make too long of an entry but I'm loving it so far and can't wait to see more of it! I'll post again within the next few days.



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