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Wednesday, September 4, 2013Y
Le Musée Rodin et le Centre Pompidou

Hi guys!

So yesterday and today were pretty good days!

I've been sleeping really late which is probably not so good. So yesterday I took the metro to the Rodin Museum. It's near Les Invalides.  It cost 6 Euro to get in, but it includes the gardens as well.

One thing that seriously bugs me is that citizens of the E.U under the age of 26 get in free to all of these museums BUT NOT ME. NOPE NO STUDENT DISCOUNT SORRY. -_- Anyway, I spent about an hour walking around the gardens alone! They're not that big, but I took my time exploring and awkwardly asking people to take my picture. I walked up to one couple and said, 'Pouvez-vous prendre mon photo?' and the woman's face was like horrorstruck as she shook her head and said 'I don't-' in English. I smiled at her and told her I was American. I may be slightly derping in this picture but it was really sunny, and also look how red my hair is!

I got to see The Thinker as well, but I won't show you my picture in front of that :/


To be honest, the works inside the mansion were beautiful but not as impressive as the ones in the gardens. I enjoyed walking around there much more than I did inside the mansion.  I did get a picture of me chillin with my good buddy Rodin though.

After that I walked around a tiny bit but opted to go back to my neighborhood for lunch. I ate at a place called Bistrot Pop and ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, which happened to be a plate of cured ham. Delicious cured ham, of course.

I'm also learning that when you want to eat at a café, you don't need to wait for someone to seat you most times. If there's a table that's empty, grab it, and then the server will ask you if you want to eat or drink..before I was standing awkwardly waiting to be seated, and that's just..well...it's awkward. 

I also had my first cup of espresso here yesterday. 

After that I went back to my apartment and then right back out again to meet my friend from home (hi Jordan if you're reading this!) We got crepes and a beer and then walked around a little bit. We went to a pastry shop and I ordered (no lie) a big ass slice of fruit tart. It had custard, peaches, grapes, strawberries, and apples on it. I wish I took a picture of it but by the time I ate it it was a little squished.  We met some of his other friends and went over near Blvd. de Sebastopol for drinks. Also I should add that French beer is really delicious and light tasting, and unlike American beers it doesn't give me a massive tummy ache. At the end of the night I had a pint and a half.  So I made it back to my apartment at about 10:30pm. What I realized is that they turn the lights off in my hall at 10:30pm. I'm halfway up four small, steep (really dangerous to be honest) flights of stairs and am about to take a step when the lights all go out and it's pitch black. The other night I got back even later and the lights were already out. It's also in like this half outdoor stone hallway thing that's seriously creepy at night.

Also I was super wired last night and didn't end up sleeping until 3 am.

So I woke up at 11 today and tried skyping with my friend Jackie in Korea but the connection kept cutting out...also Youtube barely works here -_-.

I went to Centre Pompidou today, which is a gigantic modern art museum. It was honestly one of the coolest places I've even been. 

(I seriously almost laughed so hard at this...they look like pringles!!!)

This was probably my favorite thing in the entire museum...the lights...

Also I was really lucky to get to see a Roy Lichtenstein exhibit. I really love his work.

I spent maybe three and a half hours in there and then spent some time walking around the neighborhood. I ended up eating a huge lunch at a really quirky 50's style diner. I had a nutella milkshake too. I definitely didn't want to eat after that.

So I've written a lot, and tonight I'm not sure what I want to do, it's almost dinner time here. Tomorrow I think I might go to the catacombs or walk around Montmartre.



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