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Sunday, November 17, 2013Y
Berlin Part 2~

Hello everybody!

So it's my last day in Amsterdam, but before I move onto Liverpool I want to finish blogging about Berlin. I left off with the Alternative Walking Tour that I went on with my friend Hannah. That night we both went on a Pub Crawl through the same company. It was an "Alternative" pub crawl, so the places we went to weren't really for tourists, and were a little on the bizarre side. The first place we went to was like a 60's themed bar that was decorated so cool! At first it was just me, Hannah, and another guy on the crawl and they almost had to cancel it, but a group of 6 or 7 people came a little later. Anyway the first bar was so pretty!

 Cute little stamp on my wrist…

The next place we went to was like a metal-head/smoker/stoner bar that was all low lights and really quiet and purple and full of people with long hair and beards (lot of 'ands' in there). There was this amazing mural on the wall but it was too dark to get a good picture.  After that we went to a ping pong bar that only had one table and everyone was playing around the world. For a 5 euro deposit you can get a puddle. I didn't have the money so the guide just gave me one, but I was out in the first round. This place was really like….well... it was a typical sketchy place. I found this adorable writing on the bathroom wall.

After that we went to an Absinthe bar, and of course I tried it because when else was I going to be able to? It tasted extremely sweet, that's all I really have to say about it, and there's a whole procedure to drinking it. They give you the drink with a sugar cube and they light the sugar cube on fire in a spoon above the drink. When the fire dies down you dunk the spoon in and stir, then drink. After that we went to a club. I didn't get home until 8:30 the next day, partially because I got lost on the subway and my 4 day pass expired so the bus driver gave me a hard time and nearly made me cry. It's obvious that I wasn't going to do too much the next day.  I slept for a long time, went to the grocery store and bought some gummy bears and chocolate.

 I giggled at the German language way too many times while I was there….seriously…knusperflakes? I also made a special pilgrimage to a Korean restaurant in Kreutzberg called Kimchi Princess. I ate so much in this one meal, I literally waddled back to the hostel.  I had kimchi pajeon which is a spicy pancake with kimchi and onions, and daeji kalbi, which are spicy Korean spare ribs. I made such a mess on myself but I didn't care because this food was fantastic. 

The next day I went to the Berlin Zoo and saw a lot of animals :3 

This bird LOVED me. I'm not sure if it's because my jacket was three different colors or if it was my red hair, but I stood there baby talking to it for at least 6 minutes.

This was the cutest thing I've ever seen, it's a PRIMATE SNUGGLE PARTY! They were all curled up and sleeping next to each other I was dying. Also primates have weird butts, but anyway...

This guy on the bottom was ENORMOUS. HE WAS AS BIG AS LIKE 4 OF ME I'M NOT KIDDING. But he slowly walked up to the glass wall, looked at me and lifted his arms up like he was posing! Almost like an Egyptian. And then the smaller one came over and stayed like that for a really long time. Those models...

From the zoo I tried to find a clothing store called Colours. It's a huge vintage shop that has a pay by the pound section. I walked to this and away from it several times before deciding I liked it and that it would be practical for cold weather…it's pretty much a fancy blanket with sleeves.

Anyway after I bought that I was really craving currywurst, and lo and behold, there was a currywurst place nearby. I was really hungry so I got two currywurst with a side of fries.

That night I went to a restaurant caled Spaetzl and Knodel and had…Spaetzl and Knodel. Typical German food, really tasty, can't explain what it is except it's kind of like noodles?

On my last full day in Berlin I decided to go find this arthouse that was supposed to be covered in graffiti. Unfortunately, all of the artists living there were evicted and there was no way to go inside. There was some cool stuff on the outside though, and I didn't try to break in myself because a)that's illegal and b) I'm not skilled enough to do something like that. 

After that I went back to Mitte and found this adorable cup-cake and candy store. The colors were too distracting and I really had to go in there. 

After that I decided to go back to Kreutzberg and walk around. I wanted to find this famous ice cream place, but I guess it had closed or moved because the sign was there and there was no ice cream :/ I stopped in a restaurant for some sushi and then went to Alexanderplatz and up into the TV Tower.  It wa skind of expensive to go up there but the lights were pretty and everything. There's a restaurant in the spinning part of the tower but I didn't eat in there. 

The next morning I went to the bakery next door to get something to eat before my flight, and I was beyond kicking myself for walking past it 500 times before actually going in. I had this jelly dont type thing with icing on it…is this what a Berliner is? Germany experts, help me. Anyway it was super delicious and I wanted to eat 12 more. 

I walked to the subway station and bought a ticket for the train from Pankow station and got to the airport about an hour later. I was too early for check-in but waited in line unknowingly anyway. These smelly homeless guys were sitting next to main the airport and started commenting on this chocolate bar I had. I just kind of smiled and walked away. My flight to Amsterdam was fast and I slept most of the way. I had to take the train about two stops away and then walk 5 minutes to the house I was staying at.  Today I'm leaving Amsterdam and within the next few days, I'll post a blog about my time here too.  Amsterdam is an amazing city!

Until next time!


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